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acapella quartet

Possibly the world's tallest bass, Gary Holmes is relatively new to the quartet world, having taken the plunge in 2014 after decades of singing as a soloist and with other kinds of groups. An accomplished photographer and irritating pun-master, he is in real life a physician (epidemiologist, whatever that means). Gary and his wife, Patty, live in Temple, Texas.

gary holmes

bob massey

Bob Massey may well hold the world's record for singing in the most quartets, having lent his rich bari tones to many foursomes around central Texas. He is also part of an outstanding and very active singing group with his church. Having worked in public relations, broadcasting, and journalism, he calls himself retired but still chases news stories parttime for a local newspaper. Bob lives in Harker  Heights, Texas, with his wife, Dianne.

gary morton

To find the right lead, hmmm had to go all the way to Canada. Okay, so Gary Morton had already escaped to the warm Texas weather years earlier, but he still makes us a truly international group. A recently-retired anesthesiologist, Gary sang for more than a decade as lead with Gentlemen's Choice quartet. He lives in Temple, Texas, with his wife, Mary Ann.

jim maxwell

Jim Maxwell has been singing since childhood, despite many attempts to make him stop. He came to hmmm after more than a decade as tenor for Heritage Square quartet, and he has sung as a soloist and in other groups from Georgia to Alaska.  Retired several times (and hoping the latest one sticks!), Jim recently wrapped up nine years as president of his Scottish clan's world- wide organizatiion, but the other guys still won't let him wear his kilt onstage. He and his wife, Carolyn, live in Waco, Texas.